Team Building

Centered Chef’s team building experiences offer a fun and unique way for colleagues to work together outside the confines of office walls.

Chef Ryan serves as MC, engaging groups with his charismatic personality, along with help from instructors who support these fun and unique processes that your group will surely  love.

Not only does our team building empower participants to take charge of their health, but they also provide an upbeat and entertaining experience along the way.

Our chef coordinator will collaborate with you to build the perfect session to meet your needs. Whether it is at your conference site or your boss’s vacation home, guests can participate in a simple cooking collaboration or a full-out chef’s battle. You’ve never experienced team building like this!

Our Team Building Themes & Titles

Format #1: "Shark Tank Mystery Basket"
Highly Competitive Format
Format #2: "Centered Chef TV"
Lightly Competitive Format
Shark Tank
Format #1:

Shark Tank

This group process is a little more open-ended, featuring a hands-on cooking experience that gives groups the opportunity to work as a team to complete an original *tapas or *dessert recipe with ingredients that are unknown until the beginning of class. As part of this team building platform, groups are required to “pitch” their concept along with tasting samples to the entire group, which is a highly entertaining endeavor. This platform is optionally competitive along with a judge’s table element. *Tapas option is perfect for a pre-dinner activity or mid-day breakout session before a meal. *Dessert option is perfect for a mid-day breakout session following lunch programming.
Centered Chef TV
Format #2:

Centered Chef TV

In this signature Centered Chef group process, teams are tasked to develop a specific culinary concept that includes re-creating a themed recipe and developing a script that is to be acted out and videotaped, then shared with the entire group. This original team building concept serves up limitless laughter, along with delicious tasting samples presented by each group. *Perfect for large conference settings where group collaboration is intensive, with minimal food preparation.