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Reinventing Leftovers

Learn how to maximize your food purchases using a blueprint to quickly create versatile, delicious and nutritious meals.

Lesson Objectives:
• Transform pantry staples and leftovers into delicious meals
• Use simple techniques to elevate flavor, convenience and variety
• Save time and money

Lesson Summary:
Are you tired of tossing expired foods? Perhaps your inspiration for microwavable “has beens” have passed their prime? In this creative lesson, we share a strategy for high cuisine that helps purge those perishables with a creative and fool-proof system. With this knowledge, you will not only save time and money, but score big on taste, and not the waist.

Making something from nothing is like making lemonade out of lemons… at least when it works. And that’s why practice makes permanent!” -Chef Ryan

Did you know – Fast food and convenience is a go-to option for busy households and leftovers often get forgotten about. An average American eats out between 4-5 times/week. This packs on an additional 800-1000 calories each week. 1 pound of weight is equivalent to 3,500 calories, so this consistent pattern could equal a weight gain of 1 pound per month, or 13 pounds per year! Could leftovers be a solution?

So, let’s recap, shall we???

The 3 S’s of Improv Cooking

Stock Up on Pantry Staples for Cooking

“Mustgo” Blueprints

Do you have enough in your pantry for a soup? A salad? A stir fry? Maybe even enough for all three??