Jan 6th: Clean Eating “Detox Workshop” Series

Is This Typically Breakfast?

It’s back by popular demand!  Our signature class that puts people back in touch with food and it’s powerful effects on the body and mind.

How many times have you tried to ‘Eat Healthy’ but failed? Well, here’s your chance to get it right! Our “Clean Eating Detox Workshop” series is designed to help ‘reset’ your body through decisive, immediate and sustained changes to your diet. No supplements. No pills. No Lemonade. No tricks. Just clean & pure foods.

Did you know that most Americans claim to eat a well-balanced diet and carefully consider their eating habits?  The fact that two thirds of our population is overweight and one third is considered obese tells another story.  Complications from being overweight often develop into chronic heart disease, cancer and diabetes.  Rates for each have skyrocketed over the past 20 years.  Our society is definitely sick.

Typical Results of the Clean Eating Detox Workshop (after 21 days)

  • Weight loss (avg 7.5lbs)
  • Lose inches from waistline
  • Better sleep
  • Mental clarity
  • Faster athlete performances
  • Less bloating

While portion sizes are certainly to blame, what’s more interesting is knowing that 62% of our calories come from processed foods The creation of artificial ingredients and preservatives, combined with government subsidies, monopolistic corporations and special interest groups led to the creation of an inexpensive, convenient and unhealthy food industry – something unlike any other nation on earth. We believe there to be a significant correlation between cheap food and poor health. Our business was built on this idea, and this program is a means to help you personally connect the dots.

This multi-week workshop is designed to help you realize the true implications of your daily nutritional habits.  We will ‘reset’ your body through decisive, immediate and sustained changes in your diet. During this clean eating process, you will eliminate processed foods, inflammatory agents and potential allergens, experiencing a variety of physical and mental changes. Some subtle. Some drastic.  While it may sound simple and easy, it’s not. In our experience, performing this class in a group setting is key – providing motivation and accountability with your instructors and peers through weekly support and cooking classes, an online FB community and a Centered Chef cookbook & detox manual from which to draw inspiration from.

This 5 week experience takes place on Monday nights

Dec 30th: Introduction to Clean Eating Detox Workshop and Preparatory Session (registrants only)

Jan 6th: 1st Cooking Class

Jan13th: 2nd Cooking Class

Jan 20th: 3rd Cooking Class

Jan 27th: 4th & Final Class & Reintroduction Phase  

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