Corporate Wellness “Cook Better” workshop in full swing with Lend Lease

Chefs Ryan, Sara and Rick are facilitating “Cook Better” workshops in more than 20 cities this summer, for Lend Lease, one of the world’s largest construction management firms.  In partnership with Proactive Partners of Chicago, Centered Chef is excited about the opportunity to “educate, entertain & inspire” wellness through it’s innovative programming that blends nutrition and culinary arts.

Chef Ryan explains, “It’s exciting to work with an organization that’s so heavily invested in its employees’ wellbeing.  With an understanding of Lend Lease’s objectives in relation to their employees’ Health Risk Assessments, we customized a workshop aimed at teaching people to cook more often and healthfully, while addressing barriers like time, cost and food literacy.”

Lend Lease “Cook Better” tour dates:  

  • 17-Jun-2011                        Columbus, OH
  • 23-Jun-2011                        West Palm Beach, FL
  • 29-Jun-2011                        Washington, DC
  • 30-Jun-2011                        Atlanta, GA
  • 6-Jul-2011                           Tucson, AZ
  • 7-Jul-2011                           Camp Lejeune, NC
  • 13-Jul-2011                         Charlotte, NC
  • 14-Jul-2011                         Peterson, CO
  • 14-Jul-2011                         Fort Knox, Kentucky
  • 15-Jul-2011                         Fort Hood, TX
  • 15-Jul-2011                         Princeton, NJ
  • 18-Jul-2011                         Fort Wainwright, AK
  • 20-Jul-2011                         Tampa, FL
  • 20-Jul-2011                         Lexington, MA
  • 21-Jul-2011                         Chicago, IL
  • 25-Jul-2011                         Fort Drum, NY
  • 29-Jul-2011                         Honolulu, HI
  • 2-Aug-2011                         San Francisco
  • 11-Aug-2011                       Nashville, TN