Media Exposure

Chef Ryan was featured on the Today Show with Jessica Simpson as Weight Watchers’  Consulting Chef

The unique success of Chef Ryan Hutmacher’s Centered Chef workshops have been 10 years in the making. To add to the momentum, In 2014, Chef Ryan won the six-week, nationally televised “Search for the Weight Watchers Chef” competition on ABC’s The CHEW.

Even before serving as a chef spokesperson and media personality for the global weight loss company, Weight Watchers, he was captivating audiences with his fun-loving personality and vast culinary knowledge as a contributor to national publications and news network appearances. Chef Ryan’s expertise showcases functional ingredients that can be prepared both easily and healthfully.


He’s been recognized for his entrepreneurship with featured stories by Crain’s Business Chicago as the winner of the “Viewer’s Choice” award for “Crain’s: A Day In in the Life of an Entrepreneur” contest.  Chef Ryan has also been featured on the TED stage and was named a BizBash Magazine 2014 Innovator of The Year.

Chef Ryan holds a B.S. in public relations from Illinois State University, with a minor in Sociology, and graduated at the top of his class with an A.S. from the culinary arts program at Kendall College.

For more on Chef Ryan’s vision, be sure to watch his amazing Ironman documentary.