Chef Ryan Hutmacher

Chef Ryan Hutmacher
          “The Centered Chef” Ryan Hutmacher


Although his chef jacket defines his line of work, he is also a passionate ambassador of wellness, creatively combining the culinary arts with nutrition. His “clean, simple, and sexy” cooking style is rooted in functional, natural ingredients, harmonized with texture, convenience, and nutrition.

Aside from his work at Centered Chef, he now uses his unique point of view as a culinary expert and consulting chef for the world’s most successful weight loss company, connecting people to healthier cooking and food.

Chef Ryan’s own personal story began more than 13 years ago. After a lengthy personal struggle, he sought to reinvent his career as well as his lifestyle. In his words, “I was at my physical and mental worst. At age 24, I was 5’7” and weighed 235 pounds. My doctor wanted to prescribe antidepressants, blood pressure, and cholesterol medications. This was compounded with the fact I was deemed a pre-Type 2 diabetic, had asthma, and smoked. Something had to change!”

In an effort to rekindle his passions in life, Chef Ryan enrolled in culinary school at Chicago’s Kendall College. Soon after, he moved to France where he apprenticed under Chef Jean-Jacques Galliffet at his restaurants La Cerisaie, Auberge de la Valloire, and Le Moulin. It was this experience of cooking natural, regional ingredients that began to mold Chef Ryan’s understanding of pure food and its implications on his own health.

With his new knowledge, focus, and passion, Chef Ryan underwent a physical and mental transformation. He found a new balance in his life and eventually attained something that had seemed out of reach for many years – a healthful state. Chef Ryan continues to maintain his personal health by actively practicing yoga, participating in cross-training, marathons, triathlons, and is a two-time Ironman. He wants to share his story and personal experiences with others, as he’s lived on both ends of the health spectrum. He truly understands what it takes to change your lifestyle and to become happier and healthier, and that this process is a journey, not a destination.