April 5th: Spring Lamb Cooking & Butcher Class (Farm 2 Fork)

Spring Lamb Class 4.5.2014
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April 5th: Spring Lamb Cooking & Butcher Class (Farm 2 Fork)

Centered Chef, in partnership with Red Meat Market, is proud to present our unrivaled hands-on Berkshire Whole-Hog Breakdown butcher class and tasting experience. We welcome everyone with a wide range of culinary and carnivorous habits who have passion or simply a curiosity for the art of butchery. We’ll provide everything you need!

You’ll get:

  • An overview and appreciation for the fine art of Butchery
  • You’ll meet the Farmer who raised the animal
  • One on One expert instructions on meat cutting and knife skills
  • Great comradery with other meat lovers and aspiring Butchers
  • An amazing lunch cooked by Centered Chef!
  • 6-8 pounds of fresh meat to take home (You just cut!)
  • A FREE RMM Baseball Cap
  • FREE Wine and Beer!





Our 3 hour, hands-on class will guide you through the process from the moment the carcass is delivered to when it reaches the kitchen! Participates will have the opportunity to breakdown a whole carcass, raised without antibiotics from local Farms. You’ll then take each part and break it into standard and some special cuts traditionally not found at your local grocer! Learn knife skills, butchering techniques and how to breakdown a whole hog carcass into tasty pork cutlets, tenderloins, roasts and ground!  You’ll feel the meat between your fingers, experience the smooth cut of the knife, smell the fresh aromas and be part of the renaissance of the local butcher.


This butcher class will be held in the KITCHEN at Centered Chef!  As part of your experience, our Centered Chef will show you how to prepare pork dishes that honor the purity of this fresh, local product, in his clean-comfort style!  As practice makes permanent, you’ll not only be learning about sustainability and practical cooking techniques, but you’ll also be savoring those new found meat cookery skills throughout the event!


Participants will take home wrapped meat they cut! Check out pictures from our last classes! You’ll have fun for sure! MAKE IT A COUPLES EXPERIENCE, TREAT YOURSELF OR GIVE AS A GIFT BUT HURRY! Our classes always sell out so reserve your spot now – we fill up fast!

If you’re buying it as a gift, simply reserve a spot and email Janet at janet@RedMeatMarket.com. We’ll send you a certificate for your gift giving! Questions? Give Janet a call!  Her direct line is: 773-904-2849.

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