In a society where processed foods are quick and easily accessible understanding how to eat healthfully can be overwhelming. Centered Chef’s vast educational platforms engage audiences in personal health, supporting them to make better decisions about their lifestyles. From athletic groups to business professionals, our chefs, dietitians and subject matter experts are well-versed in customizing content and workshops specific to their needs.

Team Building

With the Centered Chef’s team building experiences, we offer a fun and unique way for your colleagues to work together outside the confines of office walls. Chef Ryan serves as MC, engaging groups with his fun-loving and charismatic personality, along with help from instructors who support these hip and unique educational experiences that your group will love. Not only do our team builds empower participants to take charge of their health but they also provide an upbeat and entertaining experience along the way. Our chef coordinator will collaborate to build the perfect session for your needs. Whether it is at your conference site or your boss’s vacation home, guests can participate in a simple cooking collaboration or a full-out chef’s battle. You’ve never experienced team building like this!

Some of the companies that rely on our team building expertise include the following: Whirlpool, KitchenAid, Weight Watchers, Kraft, Sara Lee, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Baxter, Abbot Labs, Abbvie, Leo Burnett, Bank of America, Ketchum PR, Jones Lang LaSalle, General Electric, Sodexo, Centro, QDoba and USG Sheetrock.

Select from our formats below

Team Building Class

Centered Chef TV — Lightly Competitive Format
In this signature Centered Chef group process, teams are tasked to develop a specific culinary concept that includes recreating a themed recipe and developing a script that is to be acted out and videotaped, then shared with the entire group. This original team building concept serves up limitless laughter, along with delicious tasting samples presented by each group. *Perfect for large conference settings where group collaboration is intensive, with minimal food preparation.

Mystery Basket: Small Plates — Highly Competitive Format
This group process is a little more open-ended, featuring a hands-on cooking experience that gives groups the opportunity to work as a team to complete an original appetizer recipe with ingredients that are not known until the beginning of class. As part of this team building platform groups are required to “pitch” their concept along with tasting samples to the entire group, which is a highly entertaining endeavor. This platform is optionally competitive along with a judge’s table element. *Perfect for a pre-dinner activity or mid-day breakout session before a meal.

Mystery Basket: Dessert Bites — Highly Competitive Format
This group process is identical to the “Small Plates” experience, but focuses on those of us with a “sweet tooth.” Once again, this hands-on cooking experience gives groups the opportunity to work as a team to complete a simple dessert recipe with ingredients that are not known until the beginning of class. As part of this team building platform groups are required to “pitch” their concept along with tasting samples to the entire group, which is a highly entertaining endeavor. This platform is optionally competitive along with a judge’s table element. *Perfect for a mid-day breakout session following lunch programming.

Team Building Pricing (Only offered at client site or pre-arranged venues)
Pricing starts at $100 p/person for a 3 hour experience. The pricing includes Ryan Hutmacher as MC & lead chef, support staff, and day-of execution. Additional fees may include the following, which may/may not already be provided by client’s venue site:

  • Venue rental fees & site coordination
  • Ingredient & equipment procurement
  • AV setup & power requirements: Independent outlets for possible small appliances
  • Supplemental meal option provided by additional local caterer or restaurant
  • Rental fees & coordination: Tables, linens, dinnerware, flatware, stemware
  • Beverage service: soft drinks and alcoholic beverages/mixers are BYOB
  • Recipe handouts
  • Shipping costs (aprons & cookware), lodging & travel *outside of greater Chicagoland area
  • Additional liability insurance requirements of venue site beyond $2M

Culinary Consulting & Media Talent

From recipe development to video content development, we are very familiar with the needs of foodservice corporations. Our client portfolio includes Weight Watchers, Sara Lee Corporation, Earthgrains Breads, Hillshire Farm, Jimmy Dean, Applegate Farms Organics, Driscoll’s Berries, Ajinomoto, Kraft, Haagen Dazs, Got Milk? and McCormick Spices. The following are our most popular services:

ryan from behind the camera
Marketing & Media Services
With nearly 10 years of culinary media experience, Chef Ryan serves as media talent, content developer and contributor to some of America’s most recognized brands. Currently, he is the First-Ever Consulting Chef for Weight Watchers Corporation and prior to that he served as spokesperson and consulting chef for Sara Lee Corporation. Clients including Whirlpool and KitchenAid brand appliances highly regard his understanding of the consumer audience and their desire to prepare healthier foods at home. Other clients including PR and Ad agencies rely on Chef Ryan’s credibility and fun-loving personality to support their portfolio of food service clients.
Culinary Consulting
Recipe Testing and Development
Looking for someone to conceptualize, test, document and standardize recipes? We will work with you to determine your primary goals and target audience (healthfulness, ease of preparation, cost per unit, etc.). From initial conception, we proceed to our test kitchen, where we will test and re-test your recipes until they consistently produce the results you require. We can even demonstrate the recipes to ensure those who will be producing the recipe have complete understanding of the recipes we develop for you.

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Corporate Wellness Workshops

Through partnerships with corporations and not-for-profits alike, we take proactive steps in engaging employee health. Our Corporate Wellness Workshops include a hybrid style cooking demonstration along with an interactive presentation that blends nutrition education with practical cooking techniques, where we empower people to make changes in their eating habits.

One-Time Workshop Programming

*for clients who want a single session with more generalized content

Single-Session Workshops

ABC’s of Healthy Cooking: A perfect starting point for those in search of a healthier lifestyle! This workshop begins with an illuminating discussion regarding the four benchmarks of healthy eating; colorful produce, clean proteins, whole grains and healthy fats. We will then put these cornerstones into practice by showing simple ways to incorporate them into your eating habits.
Stealthy and Heart Healthy Ingredients: Did you know that more than 1 in 3 adults have some form of cardiovascular disease? Did you also know that certain foods can actually lower your risk for developing cardiovascular disease? In this workshop, we’ll prepare ingredients that highlight heart-healthy cooking. With whole grains, healthy fats, clean proteins and hearty vegetables, every delicious bite will help strengthen your heart.
Fueling Up on Whole Grains: In this interactive cooking demonstration we’ll focus on the basics of cooking some of today’s most popular breakfast grains. While we’ll cover the techniques that have us enjoying more of these honest to goodness ingredients, we’ll also explore why carbohydrates are the preferred fueling source for an active lifestyle. After learning more about whole grains and complex carbohydrates, you’ll get more out of your activities from using these tools that will keep you fully fueled.
Soups That Soothe: There is something nostalgic about a good soup. Aside from soup being good for the soul, we believe that soups can also soothe the body. In this workshop we focus on the simplicity of soup making, using minimal ingredient that not only taste great, but help the body feel and perform better.
Salads That Satisfy: Why do you find yourself ordering salads? Perhaps you avoid them? Whatever your answer, if you’re tired of being let down by this simple culinary standard, we’ll teach you how to take lettuce from being cliché, to classy. In this workshop you’ll learn to make honest dressings that compliment wholesome, yet hearty salads. Finally, satisfaction has never been so simple
Fall Harvest: Getting ready for the seasons of change is not only important for your wardrobe, but for your kitchen repertoir. With colder weather comes a shift in seasonal ingredients. As foods typically become heartier, so can our appetites. In this workshop we’ll explore colder weather superfoods and demonstrate recipes that elevate flavor, without tipping the scale.
Salsa’s Around the World: Salsas are a perfect example of how fresh ingredients, prepared simply, can elevate the enjoyment of food while promoting good health. In this workshop, we’ll travel the globe exploring the simple cooking techniques and healthy ingredients that make salsas a staple in many cultures. Though the origin of traditional salsas hail from Latin roots, their adaptation to worldly cuisines using indigenous ingredients, opens our eyes to the vast interpretations of these healthy and delicious condiments.

Recurring Workshop Modules

*for clients who want recurring programming with a specific content focus these modules contain a total of four workshops with corresponding themes

Workshop Series #1
Food Literacy: Understanding Food Trends Overview

Misconceptions about health begin with the marketing of food products. While learning about how food sources can impact your employees’ health as well as the environment, they will be able to make better food choices.

Workshop Series #2
Kitchenology: Back to the Basics

Whether it’s long days at the office or simply lack of cooking skills, a reliance on fast food is not a viable option for employee health. In this workshop, we’ll teach employees about basic cooking techniques that will have them preparing more mindful meals at home and making better choices when dining out.

Centered Chef Corporate Wellness
Wellness Programming

Workshop Series #3
Weight Management: Benchmarks of Healthy Eating

Discover the principles of clean comfort food, characterized by what your employees can and should eat, not by what they can’t! This knowledge empowers them to make informed decisions when it comes to their food choices, including dining out. Along with the four benchmarks of healthy eating (whole grains, healthy fats, clean proteins and colorful produce), we will also highlight balanced meal preparations!

Workshop Series #4
Disease Management: Undoing an Epidemic

By teaching delicious and innovative recipes, we help employees embrace different lifestyle needs while giving them perspective on the effects of the Standard American Diet (SAD). With functional ingredients, we not only show employees how to get the most out of flavorful foods, but how they can help heal the body.

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Single-Session Workshops

Format includes a 60 minute workshop with Q&A. The pricing includes facilitator, support staff, cooking equipment and day-of execution. Additional fees may include the following, which may/may not already be provided by client’s venue site:

  • Additional talent fee for Chef Ryan as facilitator
  • Ingredient procurement coordination
  • Venue rental fees & site coordination
  • AV setup requirements: 2 independent outlets for appliances, 2 headset/lapel microphones & optional overhead projector
  • Rental fees & coordination: 3 (8’) tables & 3 black linens to be provided within presentation area
  • Additional tasting samples may require subcontracted support from local caterer
  • Recipe card handouts
  • Internal use only video and webcasting
  • Shipping costs (aprons & cookware) lodging & travel *outside of greater Chicagoland area
  • Additional liability insurance requirements of venue site beyond $2M

Educational Programming

Centered Chef is proud to partner with companies and organizations that are committed to empowering healthier clients, employees, teammates and patients. From bi-monthly cooking classes with cancer support centers to summer long workshops with local running groups, we specialize in educating groups across our community!

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