Impress conference or convention attendees with a unique Keynote, using a blend of interactive cooking and inspirational storytelling complemented with tasting options or even a formal dinner where the menu ties into Chef Ryan’s themed talk.

Keynote Talks

Developed by celebrity chef, subject matter expert, and professional speaker Ryan Hutmacher, Centered Chef workshops are an innovative approach to employee wellness that have inspired many keynote addresses for his esteemed clients.

Drawing inspiration from his own personal health struggles, in tandem with his inspiring food philosophies, Chef Ryan’s thoughtful storytelling is a multi-sensory experience that is further elevated with his ability to integrate LIVE cooking elements that support his messages. His unique skill-set has earned him top speaking opportunities with our nation’s leading corporations and organizations.

See Below for Keynote Titles & Descriptions 

corporations and non-profits
optional audience participation
for audiences of 100-1000+
Talk #1: Finding Your Center at the Table

Talk #1: Finding Your Center at the Table

Inevitably in life, we will be faced with challenges beyond our control. How we respond offers great insight not only about who we are, but who we aspire to be. In this talk, Chef Ryan shares insight that extends beyond his understanding of healthy cooking, as he focuses on a symbol where wellness & resilience flourish.
Talk #2: It’s Not About the Food

Talk #2: It’s Not About the Food

Cooking, connection and wellness converge in this talk, where Chef Ryan looks beyond food to unveil what really nourishes us. He shares that the journey to optimal health is preceded by something else, because when it comes to wellness, It’s Not About the Food... But yet another basic instinct.

Ponder This...

Employees are the face of the business and sources of innovation and organizational knowledge. They interact with customers at every touch point and create lasting brand impressions. They personify the company’s service philosophy and are expected to live by its cultureand values. While the products and services many companies offer can appear quite similar on the surface, exceptional service can be a competitive advantage.