Ryan Hutmacher’s Mission for Centered Chef:

 To Educate, Entertain and Inspire Wellness

With a focus on integrating wholesome food concepts into social and educational platforms, Chef Ryan and his team focus on proving that health is not about deprivation but, rather, opportunity!

Providing Corporate Wellness Services via:
Workshops, Keynotes, Webinars & Custom-designed Programs

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In a society where a lack of time and the need for convenience can lead to poor food choices, understanding how to eat healthfully can be overwhelming. Chef Ryan's concepts empower audiences to make better decisions about their lifestyle through the exploration of wholesome foods, healthy cooking techniques and group interaction. With contributing chefs, dietitians and subject matter experts, his team is passionate about connecting people to conscious cooking.

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Serving as a spokesperson and chef consultant for some of America's most successful food focused companies, Chef Ryan understands the value of making an impression. In order to create maximum impact, he and his team use a variety of tools & techniques that engage audiences, while keeping the tempo fun and upbeat. What originally evolved from an innovative cooking school and catering concept in Chicago now exists as an award-winning culinary firm that creates educational experiences at your event site!


Reinventing the way people think about health food began with Chef Ryan's personal transformation as an Ironman triathlete. His momentum continued professionally as he now serves as the consulting chef for the world's most successful weight loss company. Though his chef jacket defines his work, Chef Ryan considers himself an ambassador of wellness, where he advocates the fusion of culinary arts and nutrition. In finding inspiration for his "clean, simple and sexy" style of cooking, he draws inspiration from worldly cuisines in tandem with playful social interactions. His belief that no one is bound to their lifestyle drives his passion to help others in their journey towards personal health in body, mind and spirit.

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