In a society where processed foods are quick and easily accessible understanding how to eat healthfully can be overwhelming. Centered Chef’s vast educational platforms engage audiences in personal health, supporting them to make better decisions about their lifestyles. From athletic groups to business professionals, our chefs, dietitians and subject matter experts are well-versed in customizing content and workshops specific to their needs.

Cooking Classes

Cooking Classes

Public and private cooking classes are held in our KitchenAid Learning Center and taught by passionate, professionally trained chefs. In this hands on cooking class experience, you’ll learn about proper cooking techniques and pure ingredients associated with each theme! Bring a bottle of wine to make the experience more special! Examples of our seasonal programming include the following:


Detox: Clean Eating Program
Are you bogged down by your eating habits? Tired of self-diagnosing food sensitivities? Your diet should be defined by what you can eat, not by what you can’t! Discover the principles of “clean comfort food” and know once and for all, which foods will help you create your own optimal lifestyle.

Butcher & Cooking Classes
Want to learn some great recipes and techniques in butchery and cooking? These seasonal cooking classes are produced in partnership with Buedel Fine Meats, Slagel Family Farms, Gunthorp Farm, and Red Meat Market. Get to know your butcher, farmer and chef in these amazing cooking classes. As an added bonus to learning more about sustainability and clean eating, you’ll also be taking cuts home with you!

Vegan Cooking & Baking 101
Whether you are a long-time vegan or just want to include more plant-based meals in your eating habits, this class is for you! These hands-on, highly interactive cooking sessions will cover the basics of a vegan lifestyle, various recipe options, cooking & baking techniques along with a full vegan meal.

Clean Cuisines of the World
Explore the cultures of the world that embrace our “clean, simple & sexy” approach to food. From Morocco to the Yucatan, we love exploring global cuisine!

Athlete Performance Nutrition
Whether you’re a weekend warrior or an ultra-marathoner, fueling the body properly is your key to a successful workout. From fueling to recovery, we will teach you the basics to getting more out of your food!

Food Allergies
Creating new eating habits can be a challenge. Learn delicious and innovative recipes that help you embrace your lifestyle.

ABCs of Healthy Cooking
Intimidated by cooking? Take control in the kitchen with this series devoted to basic principals like healthy ingredient identification and cooking techniques.

Namaste & Nosh
One of our signature classes starts with a 45 minute gentle yoga session in our beautiful LOFT. As it is designed to awaken the body and focus your mind, class then heads to the KITCHEN, for a simple yet wholesome meal.

Culinary Consulting

Culinary Consulting

From recipe concept to development, we are very familiar with the needs of foodservice corporations through our hands on experience. Our client portfolio includes Sara Lee Corporation, Ball Park Franks, Earthgrains Breads, Hillshire Farm, Jimmy Dean, Applegate Farms Organics, Driscoll’s Berries, Ajinomoto, Kraft, Haagen Dazs, the Got Milk? Campaign, McCormick Spices and Pama Liquor. The following are our most popular services:

Recipe Testing and Development
Looking for someone to conceptualize, test, document and standardize recipes? We will work with you to determine your primary goals and target audience (healthfulness, ease of preparation, cost per unit, etc.). From initial conception, we proceed to our test kitchen, where we will test and re-test your recipes until they consistently produce the results you require. We can even demonstrate the recipes to ensure those who will be producing the recipe have complete understanding of the recipes we develop for you.

Marketing & Media Services
The versatility of Centered Chef’s FILM KITCHEN, combined with our talented media personalities, provide the ultimate one-two punch for any food service, marketing or public relations need.

Curriculum Development
Our areas of expertise are diets specific to food allergies, age range, disease-state and athletes. As emerging trends in the nutritional field begin to influence policy, we can help assimilate procedures and implement programming to support your evolving business needs. From hospitals to nonprofits we consult with a range of organizations that need specific dietary curriculum.

Do you need something that doesn’t quite fit into any of these categories? We have a plethora of experience to bring to the table, and welcome the opportunity to discuss some of the ways we can help meet your needs.

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Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness is a very hot topic. IHRSA’s “The Economic Benefits of Regular Exercise” study states that companies save between $1.49 and $13.00 for every dollar invested in employee wellness. Aside from the bottom line, we should all agree that taking proactive steps to keep your executives, clients and staff nutritionally educated, well-fed and active is good business.

Workshop Series #1
Food Literacy: Understanding Food Trends Overview

Misconceptions about health begin with the marketing of food products. While learning about how food sources can impact your employees’ health as well as the environment, they will be able to make better food choices.

Workshop Series #2
Kitchenology: Back to the Basics

Whether it’s long days at the office or simply lack of cooking skills, a reliance on fast food is not a viable option for employee health. In this workshop, we’ll teach employees about basic cooking techniques that will have them preparing more mindful meals at home and making better choices when dining out.

Centered Chef Corporate Wellness
Wellness Programming

Workshop Series #3
Weight Management: Benchmarks of Healthy Eating

Discover the principals of clean comfort food, characterized by what your employees can and should eat, not by what they can’t! This knowledge empowers them to make informed decisions when it comes to their food choices, including dining out. Along with the four benchmarks of healthy eating (whole grains, healthy fats, clean proteins and colorful produce), we will also highlight balanced meal preparations!

Workshop Series #4
Disease Management: Undoing an Epidemic

By teaching delicious and innovative recipes, we help employees embrace different lifestyle needs while giving them perspective on the effects of the Standard American Diet (SAD). With functional ingredients, we not only show employees how to get the most out of flavorful foods, but how they can help heal the body.

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Educational Programming

Centered Chef is proud to partner with companies and organizations that are committed to empowering healthier clients, employees, teammates and patients. From bi-monthly cooking classes with cancer support centers to summer long workshops with local running groups, we specialize in educating groups across our community!

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