Centered Chef Learning Kitchen and Cooking Classes Featured in Chicago Reader

As part of the Chicago Reader’s Blog, Bleader, an exploration of “Vegetarian Week”  makes light of the interesting ways in which Centered Chef is redefining “at home dining” with Chicago’s vegetarian crowds, through our array healthy cooking classes.  Click here to read the article.

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Centered Chef’s “Yoga & Cooking” classes recently featured on WGN’s “Around Town” with host Ana Belaval


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Centered Chef was featured on the WGN Morning Show’s live broadcast of Around Town with Ana Belaval.  In highlighting the unique nature of our offerings, our “Yoga and Oats” cooking class created quite the buzz.  As part of the live broadcast from Centered Chef, a gentle yoga class was facilitated by one of our yoga instructors, Greg VanHyfte. After yoga, participants headed down to the KITCHEN to learn how to make a healthy breakfast from Chef Ryan – the menu featured steel cut oats with blueberry compote, buckwheat pancakes and quinoa breakfast tabbouleh. Watch the Featured Video by clicking here or Check Out  Our Classes by clicking here!

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The LOFT at Centered Chef venue space is featured on WGN Midday News

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As the buzz of our venue space is gaining notice with event planners and new brides to be, WGN caught up with Chef Ryan to take a tour of the LOFT at Centered Chef.  Also highlighted in the segment, is our unique “open caterer policy”which allows clients to bring their own team of caterers for their event.  Watch the Featured Video by clicking here.
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Chef Ryan featured in Competitor Magazine

In this endurance sport driven publication, writer Holly Bennet gets down to the kitchen essentials that chef athletes and foodies “must have” in their home kitchens.  Also featured in the article, is Women’s Olympic medalist, Deana Kastor and her foodie faves.  Click here to read the entire article.

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Chef Ryan’s latest appearance on WGN TV’s Lunchbreak

Chef Ryan’s favorite soup is Vietnamese Pho (prounounced “Fuh”). Watch as chef Ryan assembles the official dish of Vietnam in a few easy steps. This delicous beef and rice noodle soup is perfect for Fall weather. With vibrant flavors and aromas that are accented by fresh herbs and soothing spices, this will soon be one of your favorites too!

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Chef Ryan is a guest on “Live! with Dr. Sandy” speaking about Obesity in America

Chef Ryan recently joined a panel of guests including, Nutritionist and Author, Pam Smith, and Assistant Surgeon General, Dr. Jim Galloway, on the “Live! with Dr. Sandy” radio show. Along with co-host Scott Mackay, chef Ryan answered questions from Dr. Sandy about his involvement in “Building A Healthier Chicago”, general cooking & eating advice and about the recent opening of Centered Chef culinary studio.

Chef Ryan’s interview can be seen at 1:35.

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Chef Ryan Featured in Competitor Magazine

Check out this article featured in the July edition of Competitor Magazine, where Chef Ryan shares some of his favorite recipes perfect for celebrating late summer flavors.

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Chef Ryan’s Lunchbreak Appearance

Tomato season is upon us.  If you’ve ever wondered what to do with all those delicious beauties, Chef Ryan’s latest appearance on WGN’s Lunchbreak will guide you.  Watch as he prepares Tomato Chutney, to be used in both Bruschetta and Glazed Chicken recipes.  Vibrant and spicy, this all-purpose condiment is perfect in many applications. 

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Chef Ryan wins the Zisboombah Chef’s Battle at Taste of Chicago

In showdown against Chef Patsy Bentivegna, of Cooking Skills Academy, Chef Ryan took the prize after winning over a group of 12 year-old judges with his Watermelon Soup with Cantaloupe Bubbles.  Zisboombah is a culinary advocacy group that has developed a unique platform from which to address childhood obesity.  Through it’s interactive, kid-friendly website, Zisboombah recently took top prize in First Lady’s Apps for Healthy Kids contest.

Chef Ryan’s winning three-course menu was prepared in just 25 minutes, with Asha, his guest sous chef:

Spinach Salad with Roasted Grape Vinaigrette
Turkey Quesadilla with Pepper Jack atop Roasted Heirloom Tomato Salsa
Watermelon Soup with Cantaloupe Bubbles

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Centered Chef has multiple appearances at this year’s “Taste of Chicago”

June 28th @ 4:30 pm:  FIT City Chicago features Chefs Ryan and Sara from Centered Chef, along with special guest Judy Kolish, RD/LDN/CDE from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois to present “Stealthy & Healthy” cooking.

location: Dominick’s Cooking Corner Stage

June 30th @ 3:30pm:  Centered Chef is proud to feature fitness expert Mark Beier, in a cooking demo featuring the topic of “Fueling on Whole Grains”.  Mark will take the audience through some simple recipes that feature functional ingredients and delicious recipes that will fuel your body for the long day ahead.

location: Dominick’s Cooking Corner Stage

July 2nd @ 1:30pm: In a fun and dynamic platform, watch as Chef Ryan competes against Chef Patsy Bentvegna in the “Zisboombah Kids Cooking Competition” featuring a panel of 12 year old judges with a fierce eye for healthy, kid-friendly foods.

location: Family Village Area

July 3rd @ 11:30am:  Chefs Ryan and Sara present “Clean Cuisine” with some of their favorite recipes.  Learn about delicious foods that should be a staple in your arsenal of summer recipes.

location: Dominick’s Cooking Corner Stage

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