Chef Ryan at Kenmore Live Studio

Chef Ryan was the featured chef host at the Kenmore Live Studio: Genius Chef Series.  During the live audience webcast on Facebook, Chef Ryan featured “Clean Comfort” recipes, including Mahi Mahi Vera Cruz and Bison Stroganoff.

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December WGN Appearance

On his latest appearance on the WGN Midday News Lunchbreak segment, Chef Ryan demonstrates Mahi Mahi Vera Cruz, perfect recipe that is “Big on taste, but not the waist”.  A perfect “Clean Comfort” dish for the cold season.

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Chef Ryan presenting "Clean Comfort Cooking" at Kenmore Live Studio

Chef Ryan will be presenting “Clean Comfort Cooking” at Kenmore Live Studio on December 9th at 7pm.  Come be a part of the studio audience for this broadcast event!  At the very least, we hope you get a laugh out of this teaser for the event.

Kenmore Live Studio (678 N Wells, Chicago, IL)
Thursday, December 9th
Free registration begins at 6:30pm
Broadcast event begins at 7pm

If you can’t make it, you can watch it live online (and send shout-outs to the chat correspondent) at

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