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Centered Chef’s September USAT Article

It’s time for the infamous pre-race pasta dinner…is it a necessity, or waste of time and calories?  Find out more with Chefs Ryan and Sara’s latest installment on USA Triathlon’s Fuel Station.

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Chef Ryan Talks About Childhood Obesity on FOX interview

Discussing initiatives on childhood obesity, Chef Ryan appeared alongside Rochelle Davis, Founding Executive Director of the Healthy Schools Campaign, on the Perspective talk show, hosted by Monique Caradine, of My 50 Chicago.

Healthy Eating for Kids:

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Goose Island Chef Battle

Chef Ryan was runner-up as he participated in the WBEZ “Chefs Battle 2010″, sponsored by Goose Island.  Of the field of 5 local chefs, his preparation of Matilda-braised chicken with sumac onions and spicy tahini were a hit, as he was narrowly defeated by David Carrier, former executive chef at Kith and Kin.   



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September WGN Appearance

Running season is upon us and it’s important to be properly fueled for your next training run or race.  Join Chef Ryan and Chef Sara to learn how to make an energizing meal perfect for consuming the night before your big event.  Tune in to watch them prepare Spinach Basil Pesto Pasta Salad with Sautéed Shrimp.

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