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The well-being of today’s employee is essential to a company’s performance. With a focus on optimal nutrition and work-life balance, Centered Chef teaches the critical thinking skills around eating opportunities that fuel personal health and productivity.

With our unique programming, we demystify nutrition by teaching people to cook. Our educational platforms and delivery methods engage audiences through instructional cooking workshops that encourage intentional eating behaviors for home cooks at all levels.

Our instructional themes feature functional ingredients, wholesome cooking techniques, and time and money-saving hacks. With our style of teaching, we educate, entertain and inspire intentional cooking and eating habits, while blatantly focusing on food enjoyment and satisfaction. Our honest approach to food and the coveted “eating experience” is what makes our programming so impactful.

Food is our medium to address work-life balance. With specifically designed curriculum and exercises, we simultaneously promote individual health and employee inclusion.

We have educated thousands who have benefited from our services.  Let us design a program for you and prove it.  Contact us today!

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